Some Stories of The Week Not Covered by Mainstream Media


Here are some stories not covered by the mainstream media.

Because, agenda.

The settlers who helped the injured palestinian 

On Wednesday evening, a number of residents of the neighboring village of Wadi Nis arrived at the southern gate of Efrat, carrying a resident of the village who had fallen from the balcony of his home on the second floor and was severely wounded in the face.

The emergency squad arrived immediately at the gate, followed by an MDA team from Efrat residents who gave the Palestinian casualty initial treatment at the site and more advanced treatment in the emergency room operating in the community.

Parallel to treating the wounded man, many of the villagers gathered near the settlement gate and asked to demand his safety. The army helped manage the incident.

After initial treatment, the injured person is evacuated to a hospital in an intensive care unit.

Dancing the hora horror:

Five minutes from Jerusalem, a song of praise was heard at the end of last week for the rocket fired by Hamas at a bus on the Gaza border during the last escalation. It happened at the wedding of the daughter of the terrorist who killed two Israelis two years ago in a shooting attack in the capital. During the wedding, which took place in the village of Eizariya in the Jerusalem vicinity, very close to Ma’aleh Adumim, the groom Rameh Fakhri married the daughter of the terrorist Misbah Abu Sbeih.

Arab attacks Jewish woman and her two young children:

A severe assault by a Jewish woman and her two small children in the Old City was carried out by an Arab terrorist in the Bab Hutah area in the northeast of the Old City.

On Tuesday night, a resident of the Old City of Jerusalem was attacked as she made her way to a house with her two small children. An Arab who followed them sprayed tear gas and fled.

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