Jew Hater Simone O’Broin Goes off at Fellow Haters in Epic Rant


A few days ago, Jew-hater “Jihad” Jenny Tonge posted about “BDS successes” of 2018, with a view to helping schnorrer for some money.

Enter fellow Jew hater Simone O’Broin…

Language warning!

Wow, that escalated.

The video she is referring to is this delightful one of course. I am assuming in an attempt at damage control, a BDS page posted it at some point, to dissociate themselves from her actions.

She clearly feels thrown under the plane bus.

She also clearly seems to be drunk – again – and has threatened violence and to boycott others. There’s also her trademark “Do you know who I am?” bluster!

Vile haters turning on each other? I’ll drink to that!

Hat tip: Steve

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