Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day


A number of anti-Israel sites and Facebook pages have taken exception to a Ha’aretz article (yeah, go figure): Shawarma, the Iconic Israeli Street Food, Is Slowly Making a Comeback in Tel Aviv

Take Quds News Network for example.

And Middle East Eye:

But this is one hell of an “own goal” for the haters.

For a start, it draws attention to a very inconvenient fact for them: the ethnic cleansing of approximately 850,000 Jews from Arab and Muslim lands.

As the As the fake realedited by TheMossadIL Mossad account pithily Tweeted:

But there’s another proverbial bullet here, with which the haters have shot themselves in the foot.

The videos point out that shawarma really comes from the Turkish and Lebanese. Yet we have seen the palestinians themselves claiming other Levantine foods as their own.

Take hummus, for example, the earliest known recipes seeming to have originated in Egypt.

Note how the above video was posted by the Palestinian Information Center, who also shared the first “Israel stole shawarma” video!

Let’s face it: the palestinian Arabs are the last people in the world to cry about cultural appropriation. heck, they even stole the label “Palestinian” from the Jews!

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