SGU Medical Student Walid Khass: Another Future Doctor Jews Should Have Concerns About


Meet Whalid Khass.

student at the St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine, Walid seems to be giving Lara Kollab a run for her money when it comes to doctors or future doctors you really might have concerns about, especially if you are a Jewish, considering SGU is affiliated with the Jewish Hospital in Ohio and the Bergen Regional Medical Center in New Jersey.

For a start, Wali hates “Zionists.” Like really hates them, even boasting of beating them up.

But like so many before him, Wali just can’t hide the fact that he isn’t “just” anti-Zionist.

But don’t worry, Wali is determined not to let his disdain for Jews get in the way of his ambition to become a doctor.

Naturally, this violent Jew-hater is a super Hamas fanboy, even showing a desire to join the terrorist organization.

So it is no surprise he wants Jews in Israel dead and the Jewish state destroyed.

All very troubling statements from a medical student, as are these statements dealing with infectious diseases like Ebola and Malaria.

Thanks again to Canary Mission for exposing this violent Jew hater for the public interest.

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