Code Pink Admits Ilhan Omar Used “Antisemitic Trope”…And Then Use it Themselves


From Code Pink’s petition in support of antisemite Ilhan Omar:

In other words, they admit she used an antisemitic trope (although say it was unintentional)….and then proceed to deliberately use the same trope!

I would have guessed Ariel Gold wrote it because it makes about as much sense as anything else she has said or done. And it looks like I am right, judging by this dialogue she has with Ali “Abumination” Abunimah, who takes exception to the insinuation it was an antisemitic trope.

I am not sure what is more priceless – the idea that an actual antisemite like Ali lectures someone on what is and what isn’t antisemitism, or the way Gold spins herself in circles.

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