Abbas Hamideh, Pal of Rashida Tlaib, Proves Himself to Be Huge Dumbass


Rashida Tlaib’s pal Abbas Hamideh has already proven himself to be a Jew hater and terror supporter. Now he’s stepped up to the plate to claim the title of Huge Dumbass, with this tweet:

Looking at the photo, you know immediately this is going to be one of those infamous palestinian propaganda “own goals”, where the nincompoop in question is basically pointing to something from British Mandate Palestine times. As if anyone denies there was once a British Mandate Palestine.

But this is even more, ehh, delicious than that. You see, the manhole cover has Hebrew on it (marked in red)

which spells out “Kremener”, the surname of the guy (Alexander Kremener) who founded Palestine Foundries and Metal Works, which produced it.

Spoiler alert: he was a Jew.

In other words, like the sewerage system, Hamideh has proven himself full of sh*t.

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