Another Inconvenient Discovery for the Palestinian Arabs

A 2,600-year-old seal has been discovered in Jerusalem’s City of David, confirming the existence of a figure from the Jewish bible.

Which can only mean on thing – Jews went back in time, planted it there, and returned to ‘discover’ it, in an attempt to ‘Judaize’ Jerusalem.

A 2,600-year-old seal from the Kingdom of Judah bearing the inscription “(belonging) to Nathan-Melech, Servant of the King” was recently discovered in the City of David, according to an announcement Sunday.

The seal was deciphered by Dr. Anat Mendel-Geberovich of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Center for the Study of Ancient Jerusalem.

“Although it is not possible to determine with complete certainty that the Nathan-Melech who is mentioned in the Bible was in fact the owner of the stamp, it is impossible to ignore some of the details that link them together,” Mendel-Geberovich said.

The statement notes that the name Nathan-Melech appears once in the Hebrew Bible, in II Kings 23:11, where he is described as an official in the court of King Josiah.

The clay bulla (seal impression), along with other artifacts, was discovered inside a public building that was destroyed during the destruction of the First Temple and was uncovered during the archaeological excavation of the Givati parking lot in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem. The dig was conducted by archeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) and Tel Aviv University (TAU).

But don’t worry palestinian Arabs and your supporters. Clearly this evidence cannot compete with your Palestine coins, manhole covers and soccer team.

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