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Antisemitic Terror-Tubby Abbas Hamideh Caught Lying Again

Abbas Hamideh has predictably tried to connect the murder of George Floyd with Israel, even going as far as to mock Israelis who have protested in support of Black Lives Matter.

Israel-Haters Lose It Over Ilhan Omar’s Signing of AIPAC-Backed Letter Against Iran

Following news that congresswoman Ilhan Omar had signed on to an AIPAC-backed letter bolstering the Trump administration’s efforts to extend the UN arms embargo on Iran, the haters are predictably seething.

Israel Haters Claim Jew Attempted to Fend off Coronavirus By Playing Music from Quran

Terror tubby Abbas Hamideh and others have been posting a curious video clip on social media, ostensibly of an Arab man walking into a Jewish restaurant, after hearing from it music from the Quran being played by the Orthodox Jewish owner

WATCH: Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite: “The Jews Should Get On Their Knees and Beg For Forgiveness”

This unnamed woman, seen at the recent anti-AIPAC protests organized by terror tubby Abbas Hamideh, clearly forgot her Z's from her J's

Video Proof Debunking Abbas Hamideh’s Claim ‘Holocaust Guy’ Was a Zionist Plant

Remember how antisemitic terror tubby Abbas Hamideh tried to distance himself from this guy chanting at his anti-AIPAC rally, claiming he was a Zionist plant?

Antisemitism, Terror-Support and Threats of Violence & Genocide at Abbas Hamideh’s Anti-AIPAC Rally

Yesterday, Abbas Hamideh, the antisemitic terror-tubby and friend of Rashida Tlaib, held a rally outside AIPAC. It was pretty much what you would expect from him and his Al Awda "Right of Return" organization

Terror-Tubby Abbas Hamideh Denies He Is Antisemitic. Here’s Plenty of Further Proof He Is

Despite the preponderance of evidence I have published, Abbas Hamideh, the terror-tubby and friend of Rashida Tlaib, has denied he is antisemitic

GoFundMe Closes Down Account of Antisemitic Terror Supporter Abbas Hamideh’s Organization

Jew-hating terror supporter Abbas Hamideh has his keffiyeh in a knot, after GoFundMe closed down the account for his Al-Awda, Right of Return Movement

Useful Tool Ariel Gold Outgrows Her Use to Antisemite Abbas Hamideh

The reaction of antisemite and terror supporter Abbas Hamideh, after Ariel Gold dared say it is antisemitic to suggest the Jews were behind the killing of arch terrorist Gen. Qassim Soleimani

Antisemitic Friend of Rashida Tlaib & Linda Sarsour Abbas Hamideh’s Disgusting Tweet About Monsey...

Abbas Hamideh,  an antisemite and terror supporter I have posted about a number of times, reacted this way to the recent shooting attack in Monsey

Threats, Calls for Israel’s Destruction & Terror Support at Times Square Rally

As Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets at Israels last week, a wretched hive of scum and villainy organized the "Emergency Action for Gaza: International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Resistance" rally at Times Square

Antisemite Abbas Hamideh Whining He May Be Banned from Canada

The Jew-hating terror supporter Abbas Hamideh - who is also a friend of congresswoman Rashid Tlaib - has suggested those who want him banned are the real terrorists. With bonus diss of yours truly
Linda Sarsour

A Tweet That Has Not Aged Well for “Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite” Linda Sarsour

Not a good look, especially for someone who claims she is not a Jew hater. 
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