WATCH: Scary Israel-Hating Zombies Harass YouTuber


A YouTuber called Elad tried to interview some Israel haters at NYC’s Whitney Museum, where they are protesting board co-vice chairman Warren B. Kanders who owns the weapons manufacturer Safariland.

What he encountered resembles something out of The Walking Dead.

Note after the Zombie apocalypse, the interview he conducts outside with the female protester who lies about Israel controlling “all the borders” (what is Egypt, chopped liver?) and cannot bring herself to condemn Hamas violence.

For the record, the Israel haters are members of a group called Within Our Lifetime. They are anti-peace and support the destruction of the entire State of Israel – even through terrorism.

1. Anti-Zionism & Anti-Normalization

We are unapologetically anti-Zionist and take that as a non-negotiable tenet of our unity. We identify the establishment and existence of the state of israel as an ongoing project of settler-colonialism that will be stopped only through Palestinian national liberation. We reject any and all collaboration, dialogue, and coalition work with Zionist organizations through a strict policy of anti-normalization and encourage our comrades in other organizations to do the same.

2. Right of Return

We uphold the right of return for all Palestinian diaspora, no matter what generation or official refugee status, to their homes wherever they may be in the whole of Historic Palestine. With this, we support the full decolonization of all Palestinian land, from the river to the sea, so that the refugees can return and live in freedom.

4. Right to Resist

We uphold the collective right of Palestinians and all oppressed groups to resist their oppressors, by any means necessary. We also uphold the right to resist for oppressed nationalities and communities in the United States to fight back against fascism and state sanctioned violence.

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