Even British Channel 4’s Anti-Israel Video on Gaza Cannot Hide Some Real Truths

England’s Channel 4 have come out with this simply reprehensible video on the Gaza protests (and promoted through Facebook Watch), clearly designed to take the side of the palestinians engaged in violence on the Gaza border against Israel.

Needless to say, the video is full of lies and half truths. Honest Reporting have already dealt with them, so instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ll point you to their takedown. Excerpt:

The video…fails to mention the deep involvement of Hamas in instigating the violence, even though the vast majority of those killed in the border riots were associated with the organization. The majority of the remainder were associated with a rival terror group, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Instead, viewers are simply told that “these families went to the front lines together,  and came back severely wounded,” and that over “260 people have been killed, 50 of them children.” That some of those minors killed were members of Hamas’s armed wing is not deemed relevant enough for inclusion in the video, naturally.

Beyond the omission of Hamas’s role in conducting the violence, there is also no coverage in the video of the thousands of explosive filled-balloons, condoms and kites that were launched on a daily basis for months. Nor do viewers see the result of the blazes sparked by these crude firebombs – many thousands of acres of scorched forest, crops and fields.

During the interview, a Gazan resident called Malina Al Hindi claims that a remote Israeli sniper fired an explosive bullet at her leg. If the credulous reporter had bothered to do his job and check claims made by interviewees, the quote would never have been given air-time: there is quite simply no such thing as an explosive bullet. They simply do not exist.

But as usual, I love hoisting these liars and Israel haters on their own petard. The video, as terrible as it is, does expose us to some actual truths – perhaps inadvertently. For instance, the video shows:

  • Hamas’ involvement in, and exploitation of, these violent “protests”
  • A palestinian mother admitting she tried to breach the border in a “kamikaze mission”
  • The same mother confessing she endangers her life, and that of her children, because the “protests” are helping her troubled marriage!
  • The same mother’s express desire to continue doing so, no matter the cost
  • The fact that the Gazans are engaging in violence on the border at least partly because they would otherwise be ripping each other to shreds
  • Hamas’ restricting the freedoms of Gazans


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