WATCH: South African Jewish Entertainer Gets Shock of His Life


Almost all the news we seem to be hearing out of South Africa these days seems to be how anti-Israel they are. For instance, South Africa recently downgraded its embassy in Tel Aviv. There’s also the whole Shashi Naidoo saga.

But this does not tell the whole story. Apparently, Israel enjoys a fair bit of support there. For instance, more than 60,000 people recently signed a petition calling for South Africa to reverse its embassy downgrade decision.

And there’s this…

South African Jewish entertainer Jonathan Birin recently got invited to play at his friend’s place of worship. On arrival he was told that it was the Pastor’s birthday party. Here’s footage from the party.

The congregation is not Jewish, but loves Israel and the Jewish people so much that the men wear kippot (yamulkes) and tsistit (fringes) every day.


Hat tip: Jeremy

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