Vomit Libel: Disturbing Viral Video Used to Fan the Flames of Antisemitism and Hatred of Israel


The following disturbing video was posted on social media last week, and has since gone insanely viral.


Update: Above tweet no longer appears since the Twitter account has since been removed. Here is another example:

I had actually deliberated whether or not to post about it, despite knowing for sure it is not from Israel and strongly suspecting it is fake. I simply did not want to aid its dissemination without proof of its fakery. But I’ve decided to go ahead and do it since it is spreading like wildfire anyway, and we need to counter it.

Video is From Belgium, Not Israel

Some Twitter users pointed out the language used in the video suggested it was from Belgium. I can confirm this, thanks to some detective work by Israellycool reader Tommy, who managed to pin down the exact location as the Black Pearl bar, Langestraat 23, 8400 Oostende, Belgium.

Note the building from the background of the video here:

And the sign in the background of the video here:

The Video is Very Like Fake or Staged

As I mentioned, I do not have proof of its fakery. There is a small chance what it does show is a Jewish man behaving reprehensibly. If so, then it is an isolated incident and should not be used to stoke hatred against the Jewish people, which is what is happening.

But many things in the video do not add up.

  1. The man, ostensibly a Charedi (ultra Orthodox) Jew, is seen out in a bar. Charedi Jews in general do not go to bars, and if they did, would not wear their skullcaps, would likely hide away from any cameras, and certainly not make a spectacles of themselves like this.
  2. Having said that, I would have expected the man to have peyot (side-locks).
  3. The woman is not dressed like a Charedi woman. She is not wearing a head covering and her skirt is too short. In fact, dare I say she does not look like she is even Jewish.
  4. There happens to be a guy with a camera who just happened to be filming everything? The video starts off with the blonde woman saying goodbye to the black woman. Nothing out of the ordinary and certainly no reason for anyone to be filming the exchange. This smells of a set-up.
  5. The black woman’s reactions are not consistent with someone who was set upon all of a sudden. It is as if she is not surprised being vomited on and then hit in the head with a heavy object. In the latter case, she does not even double over in pain.

In short, I believe this video was staged in order to incite hatred against Jews.

Despite Knowing the Truth, Haters Are Still Claiming it is From Israel

Leaving aside for a second the likelihood the entire video is fake, there is no questioning it is not from Israel. Many of the haters disseminating it have been made aware of this fact, yet refuse to delete it or correct themselves.

In fact, one of the first people to spread it blocked me immediately when I asked for a source for the video, and told him it is not from Israel. His Twitter timeline is filled with Jew and Israel hate. I suspect this the case with many of those who continue to disseminate the video, claiming it is from Israel, despite being told it is not.

Update: This from someone who claims to live near the bar:


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