Tribestan Worldwide’s Owner Makes Things Worse for Himself Trying to Deny Antisemitism


A few days ago, I posted about an antisemitic email sent to an Israel-based customer of a company called Tribestan.

Offence taken!

As I wrote at the time, I sent them an email of my own, asking them to clarify why the antisemitic mail was sent. The response was a claim they were hacked.

I responded but it seemed like the message was not received – the “innocent, hacked, not antisemitic” Tribestan had blocked me after my first, polite email!

This was not a good look for Tribestan. Whoever was claiming they were hacked had decided to blacklist me, just for asking what had happened. Innocent til proven douchey.

I thought this may be the end of it, but alas, it seems my blog post has been having an effect. Yesterday, I received the following email from Daniel Davies, the owner of Tribestan:

Bad move. I am now having even less doubts than before it was Daniel who sent the original antisemitic email.

  1. This email from Daniel Davies is from the same email address ( from which the original antisemitic email from sent. Had Tribestan consisted of other employees, they would surely have different email addresses. This seems to indicate Tribestan is a one-man operation.
  2. I was blocked for merely inquiring about the antisemitic email – hardly the actions of an innocent party.
  3. After the antisemitic email came to light, someone took down the Tribestan Facebook page, Twitter account, and phone number. Again, is this consistent with the actions of an innocent party? How come Mr Davies did not immediately post an apology and explanation as to how this occurred?
  4. Note the claim in the most recent email:
    “We dont send orders to Israel and countries of the middle east (including some european countries) because over the years there has been a pattern of orders going missing on a regular basis. This is in not racist of any sort and is simply a decision based only on orders going missing which is a shame.” This is entirely inconsistent with the claim in the first response that “We ship worldwide.”
  5. The claim that orders to Israel and other Middle Eastern counties go missing might explain why Mr Davies may be angry and say “The Jews rob us.” Except he said “Jews”, not “Israelis”. So there is clearly underlying Jew hatred at play.
  6. The hacking excuse makes no sense. According to this article, if they were hacked, Tribestan could easily prove it by showing their logs. And would a hacker really take the time to go through old emails and send emails to customers?
  7. The hacking excuse is a common one among antisemites.
  8. Do I even need to mention the cliched “some of my best friends are Jewish” excuse?
  9. “I really think if this happens a group such as yourselfes should give a company like us the benefit of the doubt surely.” A group such as yourselfes(sic)?

I should also point out I responded to Daniel Davies’ email as follows:

I find your explanation improbable but would be willing to hear you out in a phone conversation, so I can ask some questions and hear your answers.

This email went unanswered in over a day. I would have thought a truly innocent person would welcome to opportunity to answer my questions. Alas, I don’t think the lack of a response is because Mr Davies was locked out of his email account by a hacker who changed his password.

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