The BBC Becomes More of an Equal Opportunity Offender


What took them so long?

THE BBC has been accused of ‘sanitising’ terrorism after banning its journalists from using the word ‘terror’ when reporting on atrocities, prompting an outcry from staff and MPs alike.

Reporters working for the corporation are to be effectively banned from using the word – unless they are quoting a source or someone else using the word. The outlet will no longer use the words “terror attack” to describe the appalling events that took place at locations such as London Bridge or the Manchester Arena – despite the corporation using the phrase at the time of the attack. BBC journalists will now refer to terror attacks by location and the methods used when atrocities were carried out.

Reporters would now describe the events as the “London Bridge van attack” or “Manchester Arena bomb attack”.

But the new rules have sparked rage, with experts and MPs accusing the BBC of “failing in its public duties”.

A senior source from BBC News said: “It boils down to that phrase ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’.

In other words, the Beeb is now euphemizing all terror attacks in the world as they have been doing for years for those occurring in Israel. They are essentially expanding their moral bankruptcy.

Perhaps it is way past time to refer to the BBC as a “propaganda outfit.”

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