Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemites of the Day: Edinburgh Action for Palestine


Edinburgh Action for Palestine is a branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

According to their website, they “work locally to raise awareness of and campaign against the injustices suffered by Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli government and to support the Palestinian civil society call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.”

They also claim they “strongly oppose all forms of racism, including anti-semitism.”

Yeah, about that

Screenshot in case post deleted

Besides use of the word “Jewish” after the word “AIPAC” to describe the lobby, note the antisemitic caricature in the bottom right of the graphic.

Oh, the irony of this being used with a quote from Roger Waters denying he is an antisemite!

What makes this even more egregious (if that is possible) is the fact it was posted almost two years ago, yet has remained on their Facebook community page (with over 600 followers) without protest or removal.

Edinburgh Action for Palestine, thank you for playing anti-Zionist-not-antisemite. Unfortunately, you lose!

Update: This meme was actually shared by others around the same time as Edinburgh Action for Palestine. Even Israel hater Gary Spedding called them out on it. Note the response from vile Jew hater Jenny Tonge.


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