Paid Palestinian Trolls’ Hilarious Propaganda Clip

A few days ago, I posted photos of Gaza-based group called Palestinian Voices, who were engaging in a Twitter campaign against the “Peace to Prosperity” workshop in Bahrain. I looked at it from the angle of how the photos they posted were yet another mockery of the notion that Gaza is a “concentration camp” or “open-air prison”, a claim regularly spread by the Israel haters.

It turns out that these are not grassroots “activists” triggered by some perceived injustice. They are paid trolls (hat tip: kweansmom)

We are Palestinian Voices from Gaza — a team of competent, motivated & committed people of all ages and genders, eager to deliver the Palestinian narrative. Our aim is to unify two million Palestinian voices into one; to reach out to the outside world and raise awareness about the Palestinian Cause — our cause, our struggles, pain, past, futures, and indeed our triumphs in the face of adversity.

We call out to other progressive voices around the globe and international organisations, groups and bodies striving equally for peace — a peace for all peoples.

Every Palestinian has their own story to tell, and their own way of telling it: whether through poetry, painting, or performance art — whichever medium they prefer, we will accommodate it.. and pass it on, because we want the whole world to hear it. We want to make new connections with those who support us in the struggle for our right to self-determination, our Right of Return, and importantly, our human rights — all of which have been stolen from us, along with our land, our homes, our heritage and our freedom to grow as a people. We work to hone the skills of other creative Palestinians; to free their buried talents. Together, we will remind our readers that Palestinians are human beings, waiting to amaze the world with their abilities — we are Palestinian Voices, and we are waiting to return.

All members of this organisation are vehemently opposed to all forms of prejudice and racism and any form of discrimination on the basis of ability, gender persuasion, religion, race or skin colour.

This is an ongoing campaign that is considered to be the major income for the employees, editors, trainees, initiatives, programs, logistics, youth teams, and development of Palestinian Voices.

So, why do we need these financial contributions?

– Annual fees for renting the place:

Equipment and supplies for our organization: desks, chairs, stationery items, tables, white boards, computers, laptops, printers, LCD projector, .. etc.

– Providing the needed equipment for the disabled members in our team.

– Establishing official website for this group in the Internet ( Hosting, domain, and web developer fees. )

– Necessary equipment for platforms on social media, that will be established as soon as the campaign is over.

– Design, decoration and painting fees.

Providing laptops for our creative writers as some members of the team do not have their own laptops.

– Providing free courses for the youth group which requires covering the costs of the trainers.

– We will establish a channel for this group at Youtube and this requires Providing cameras and video and photographic equipment for filming purposes and this requires: Professional Cameras, lenses, tripod, speed-light, memories, …etc.

– Surprising needy students of our group by paying their university fees.

– library and books fees.

– Payments of providing internet and telephone line for the first few months.

– Payments of the electricity and water bills for the first few months.

– International transfer fees and charges, advertising and designing fees, transportation fees, and employee ratios.

– License fees to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior.

– Wages of the representatives of the team for the first few months.

In other words, those involved get free equipment and are paid in other ways. Notice also how Hamas is involved, receiving “license fees.”

This is particularly hilarious given how the haters like Electronic Intifada claim Israel has a paid “troll army.” But of course they won’t say a word about this.

But what is even more hilarious is the video associated with their fundraising campaign. Team members talk of how life is so bad in Gaza, while kids can be seen having fun in the playground in the background. It is so peaceful where they are talking that they had to add fake sound and visual effects to get the message across that Gaza is a huge hellhole!


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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