Gal Gadot on Why She is a Proud Israeli Who Tries to Spread the Truth About Israel to the World

Our very own Wonder Woman, actress Gal Gadot, has been visiting Israel, her true home, visiting family and friends. She granted an interview to Israel’s Walla (in Hebrew) and if you weren’t already enamored with her, I’m guessing this should do it:

You are very proud of your Israeliness in front of the world. Is that some kind of strategy?
“No! If it’s anything, it’s just that I receive so many antisemitic messages and reactions. It’s just that I believe we have no place to hide or lie … Those who love will get it and that’s it.”

Is it something that is important for you to do, to explain Israel to the world or be involved and take part in all sorts of processes that happen in Israel?
“Israel is important to me, very. In general, I wish for our country to really be in a good place, and that there will be quiet, stability, peace and tranquility, because I believe in the end that all people want it. there are no people who want war and their sons going to the army, G-d forbid, we want that there will be here good. So I try to strengthen these messages, of the good and the desire for peace and quiet.” 

Funnily enough, one of the photos Walla chose to accompany the interview is this one of Gal with John Legend and his wife.

Legend is someone who could do with some education from her.

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