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Gal Gadot on Why She is a Proud Israeli Who Tries to Spread the...

If you weren't already enamored with Gal, I'm guessing this should do it

That Time Gal Gadot Proved She Can Charm ANYONE

Apparently, in 2017, Ayman Hariri, one of the sons of tycoon and former PM of Lebanon Rafic Hariri, posed with Israel actress Gal Gadot.

Hollywood Stars Salute Israel at 70

Because there are some non-numbskulls in Hollywood

WATCH: Gal Gadot’s Opening Monologue on Saturday Night Live

This might be the first time Hebrew has been spoken during the opening monologue on Saturday Night Live

WATCH: It’s No Charade! Gal Gadot Is Super Charming

How can anyone not love Gal Gadot?

JVP Attacks Gal Gadot – For Expressing Love And Concern For Her Fellow Israelis

Jewish Voice for Peace: there is nothing Jewish about you and nothing "peace" about you.

WATCH: Gal Gadot Speaks To The UN

Israeli actress Gal Gadot got to speak at the UN

Wonder Woman Becomes UN Ambassador

Fictional character becomes UN Ambassador. You won't believe how!

WATCH: Gal Gadot Explaining Israeli Political System To Jimmy Kimmel

It's as wonderful as it sounds

WATCH: Israeli “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot On Jimmy Kimmel

Don't let the video title fool you. This is G PG-13 rated..and funny. https://youtu.be/QA8pQMJrcNY Hat tip: Herb

Gal Gadot Flushes Jimmy Carter Down The Memory Hole

Gal continues to go up in my estimations

Jimmy Carter Spotted With Arm Around A Jew

What is just as surprising is the Jew's reaction


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