Egyptian Actor/Writer Hesham Mansour Calls for the Killing & Torture of Jews


Hesham Mansour is an Egyptian actor and writer with over 800,000 followers on Twitter, 55,000 Likes on Facebook, and another 51,000 followers on Instagram. So although I had never heard of him, plenty of others obviously have.

And plenty more will now. Because today, he thought it a good idea to call for the genocide of Jews. This, in turn, led to a whole slew of his antisemitic, and at times bizarre, tweets of his seeing the light of day (hat tip: Simon).

Earlier this year, Mansour gave a Tedx Talk in Arabic. While I don’t understand one word, the YouTube video of it comes with the following description:

The system is full of pain. It doesn’t adapt to who protests pain more.
All mistakes are fixable even the ones who prevent us from self-love. Such a system destroys it by empowering kindness and charity. Love is strong enough to remove hate and evil feelings. Pain gives you the privilege to see who people really are made of, allows you to sympathize and contribute. Throughout history, our heroes went through tragedies and hardships, yet they always come out with sympathy, love and fairness. You are your own test. How will your pain and journey change you? Pain is blinding but if you understand that your intentions and decisions are what matters most, you will have better stamina for your pain. The system is understanding your pain and how you approach it.

He’s clearly DOING IT ALL WRONG!

In any event, Twitter have yet to act against him, a verified account user, despite the highly disturbing nature of his tweets.

Update: Twitter have now suspended his account.

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