Woman Who Banned Star of David Flags at DC Dyke March Begging for Money to ‘End Antisemitism’


You can’t make this stuff up.

Jill Raney, the dyke who was caught on camera banning Star of David flags at the DC Dyke March, is begging for money to explain antisemitism to the world.

Yes, seriously (hat tip: Nico).

Help me end antisemitism. Please.
Antisemitism is still a thing, and it’s a lot scarier than it might seem. It’s also end-able, if we learn more about how it works and commit ourselves to unraveling and cutting those threads. Please join me in imagining and working toward a world where antisemitism no longer has us under its thumb.

Here’s her rambling video. I would almost consider paying her money to shut up.

If Jill Raney is serious about helping end antisemitism, she could start by apologizing for banning Star of David flags at the march and throwing her support behind the Jewish state. In the meantime, she can take her schnorring for money and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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