Jeremy Corbyn, Troll Extraordinaire


Meet Jeremy Corbyn.

The leader of the UK Labour party who has proven himself to be quite the antisemite – whether it be his support of antisemites, liking antisemitic social media posts, joining antisemitic Facebook groups, visiting the graves of terrorists who helped murder Jews, defending terrorists, or ignoring invites to to visit Yad Vashem – he has finally responded to increasing pressure to act against antisemitism.

No, he has not stood down. With a straight face, he has released a website, including a booklet, to confront antisemitism.

You can read the entire thing here.

Note how at the end of the video, Corbyn feels the need to mention “Islamophobia” along with antisemitism. This is a way to placate those in the Muslim community who are responsible for much of the antisemitism to which he is referring, but the type of which he won’t dare identify and confront.

Note also how the site contains a link to the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, the same one he did not want to fully adopt.

“No Place For Antisemitism” – this meme comes to mind.

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