How Sweet It Is! Israel Haters Caught Lying Yet Again


Over a week ago, Israel advocate and personal friend Arsen Ostrovsky tweeted disturbing scenes of palestinians celebrating the murder of Dvir Sorek.

Palestinians and Israel-haters were quick to pounce on him, claiming the candies were handed out because of Eid season. This included Israel-hating journalist Jennine Khalik, who once threatened to sue me for this post (but backed off after I got MY lawyer involved).

Naturally, they are either ignorant or willfully lying. This is what the Hamas-affiliated Shehab News Agency had to say about those exact scenes:

Screenshots in case deleted:

Original tweet
Tweet with auto-translation

So yes, the sweets were because of Eid AND a celebration of Dvir’s murder. Two for the price of one as it were.

Once again we have palestinians and their supporters (aka Israel haters) not telling the truth. Debunking these lies is like taking candy from a baby.

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