Antisemite & Terrorist Supporter Marc Lamont Hill Slips into Israel


While the news cycle has been preoccupied with the banning of antisemitic congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, another antisemite has slipped quietly in to Israel without fanfare.

Terror-supporter Marc Lamont Hill.

You can see more from the trip if you scroll through these photos:


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Since our first ever #DDPalestine delegation we have been honored to build with the Afro-Palestinian elders and community members in Jerusalem. Elder in the community, Mahmoud took us through a tour of his Jerusalem- recounting the effects on the escalating Israeli occupation on his beloved old city. How thousands of Palestinians have been forcibly removed from Jerusalem, the forced evictions, the home demolitions, all the violent ways they push Palestinians out so their white Israeli settlers can come in. Jerusalem now has only one Palestinian quarter, where families are constantly surveilled, by cameras and military forces. Palestinian neighborhoods are designed to be surveilled upon, with settlers and military living above Palestinians and cameras strategically placed throughout.

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Note how they met with “Afro-palestinians.” I have written about this group before and how they highlight how the palestinians are not indigenous to this land.

Also there’s a lovely photo of one of the delegation fawning over a picture of arch terrorist Yasser Arafat.

The delegation have also posted this photo at the Mandela statue in Ramallah.

I think they should also be able to fit in some selfies in front of the monument to mass murderer Saddam Hussein in Qalqiliya

the monument to Maalot massacre terrorist Khaled Nazzal

the monument to terrorist Muhanad Halabi

the monument to “refrigerator bomber” Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukar

and of course the monument to Coastal Highway terrorist Dalal Mughrabi

which Marc will love, given his fondness for the female terrorists.

And speaking of terrorists, Marc and his delegation fit in a meeting with Addameer

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One of the first organizations we met with here in Palestine was ‪Addameer‬, a group that organizes in solidarity with political prisoners held captive by Israel. ✊🏾✊🏿 • We learned: • ➡️1 in 2 Palestinian men are incarcerated in their lifetime. ➡️Israeli forces strip prisoners of their humanity, from arrest to release. They raid Palestinian homes in the middle of the night, using psychological and physical terror during interrogation ➡️They are stripped from communication with the outside world, so as to keep them from organizing —Palestinian prisoners cannot receive mail or phone calls. ➡️Palestinian women are caged in what was once a stable for horses and are constantly surveilled and prayed upon by prison guards. ➡️Currently,200 prisoners are children. ➡️Children as young as 12 can be arrested & sentenced by Israeli courts. • 🔹🔹🔹One way to demonstrate solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners and the work of orgs like ‪Addameer ‬ is to amplify the ‪#NoWayToTreatAChild‬ Campaign (‪@nwttac‬) & call on US legislators to support ‪#HR2407‬. We demand an end to all child detention, from la frontera to Palestina!🔹🔹🔹

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which I have exposed beyond a doubt as having deep terrorist connections.

As you can see, this trip has an agenda, one that should be deplored by all peace-loving, reasonable people.

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