US Democratic Party’s Latest Antisemitism Problem Unveiled: It is Called Valerie Plame

There a new Democrate Candidate for Congress in town, and her name is Valerie Plame.

Note the mention that she comes from Ukrainian Jewish immigrants. No doubt she pointed this out because she has been accused of Jew hatred, after being busted sharing this antisemitic article from an infamously antisemitic site:

At the time, Plame doubled down but then apologized for sharing it, in a train wreck of a (now deleted) Twitter stream:

She then went on TV and spoke to media outlets to explain herself, but only managed to dig a deeper hole with her ever changing, lame excuses.

Exhibit A: “I only focused on part about getting out of the Iran deal, which I think is a bad idea, and did not read the rest of the article – even though I told others to read the entire article.”

(This of course makes no sense, especially given the actual title of the article reveals its antisemitism).

Exhibit B: “”I only focused on part about getting out of the Iran deal, which I think is a bad idea. But social media! Twitter!”

Exhibit C: “I was focused on the neocon lust for war (!) And I was multitasking”

Valerie Plame Wilson offered another apology Thursday hours after tweeting an anti-Semitic article titled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars,” telling Business Insider that she had been multitasking when she posted the story on her account.

“I made a mistake and should not have retweeted that article,” Wilson said in an email. “I sincerely apologized. I was just so focused on the neocons lust for war: ‘If you liked the Iraq war, you’ll love an Iranian one.'”

She continued:

“On a personal note, one should not tweet while moving, 8 workmen are in a small space, the dog is going nuts, and kids are texting one asking for things they forgot for school. Social media very unforgiving.

I feel badly and will gladly shake the hand of anyone who has never made a mistake.”

(This is almost literally the “dog ate my homework” excuse).

Then there’s the fact she was caught tweeting out other hateful articles from the same antisemitic site, which had nothing to do with the Iran deal.


As well as just being, generally, you know, antisemitic.

In other words, while Plame tries to come across as James Bond in her campaign ad, she is more a Blofeld. But with a dog instead of a cat.

The question now is: will this hurt her chances as a Democrat candidate, or in a party which already has its fair share of antisemites, will it actually help her?


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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