The Vile Way One Muslim Group Commemorated 911

A group called Justice for Muslims Collective decided to commemorate the Sept 11 attacks with a special event – an exhibition called “Shattering Justice & Re-Making the Muslim Threat: A Visual Timeline,” in Washington D.C, held on Sept 11th itself.

Since the attacks on 9/11, Muslims have been targeted under the guise of the War on Terror. Utilizing the logic of collective responsibility, the US government has employed state violence to crush and subdue the Muslim community. Despite this reality, the discourse of the War on Terror has often excluded and silenced Muslim voices that speak to just how brutal the US War on Terror has been and continues to be.

This event, which is a launch of our War on Terror timeline exhibit that details the many laws and policies that have targeted Muslims. Through our carefully curated poster series, attendees coming to the exhibit will able to better understand what the War on Terror has meant for Muslims both domestically and abroad.

Complementing the exhibit, there will be a keynote talk by Dr. Maha Hilal, who envisioned the exhibit and who is an expert on institutionalized Islamophobia in the War on Terror.

Here’s more on this exhibition:

On the 18-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that set off the ongoing global war on terror, a new visual timeline seeks to document the U.S. policies and programs that Muslim and civil rights activists say have resulted in major encroachments on human rights.

“The goal is to really underscore how the war on terror is so rooted in Islamophobia and to really lift up the story of the ways that Muslims have been impacted,” said Maha Hilal, a researcher on the war on terror and co-director of the Justice for Muslims Collective who directed the yearlong effort to produce the timeline.

Illustrator Zaynub Siddiqui and graphic designer Maura Dwyer from The Sanctuaries DC, a community space for artists and activists that includes several Muslim members, illustrated and designed the 19 panels that comprise the timeline.

“Every single time I read one of the event’s descriptions, I would just be horrified,” she said. “I could have finished it earlier but it was so grim … it was difficult to read about these things that were happening to my people, to our ummah (community), and realize that this was planned.”

When viewers pair that language with her drawings, she said, they will walk away with a better understanding of how the war on terror has impacted Muslims.

“Reading what happened in 2001 doesn’t compare to seeing what happened in 2001,” she said. “You can read anything and it won’t always resonate with you. The hope is that a graphic timeline will invigorate some emotions.”

In other words, this group has decided to commemorate the Sept 11 terror attacks, with an exhibition displaying how Muslims have been affected by them, with not a word about the real victims of these Islamic attacks.

Simply vile.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because we have seen it before.

From the likes of Linda Sarsour

Rashida Tlaib

and of course Ilhan Omar

Incidentally, Maha Hilal, the co-director of the Justice for Muslims Collective who directed this event, seems to be someone who supports palestinian terrorism.

Which somehow doesn’t surprise me.

Hat tip: Jon Sutz


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media