Roger Waters Accuses Israelis of Wanting to Destroy Iran Just Because We Don’t Want it There


In an interview the leftist site Truthdig, rock’n’roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has once again attacked Israel, this time accusing us of getting America to wage war upon Iran in order to blunt Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

And why would we do that, according to Roger? Just because it is a big country with lots of people.

I kid you not.

DIMITRI LASCARIS: So let’s talk about a brewing conflict which is really capturing the attention of the world at this particular moment. And that is the conflict between the United States and its allies on the one hand, and Iran and its allies on the other. We hear a lot about how Iran is the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism. We hear a lot about how it’s a human rights abuser. Are you okay?

ROGER WATERS: I nearly spat out my water there.

DIMITRI LASCARIS: Oh, OK. Well, I’m interested to know why. And really, what I’m particularly–

ROGER WATERS: Well, it’s nonsense, obviously. No, Iran isn’t. This is just a story that’s being made up by the Israelis and the Americans in order to create more confusion and conflict in the Middle East. And also, if possible, at the behest of the Israeli government, to get America to wage war upon Iran in order to blunt Iran’s influence in the Middle East. Because it’s a big country. Lots of people. It’s a very old ancient civilization, the Persian civilization, and the Israelis don’t want it there. They would prefer it was rubble. And so that’s why they’re encouraging the idea that it’s an enemy.

DIMITRI LASCARIS: And what are your thoughts about how we in the West should engage with the country of Iran in order to avoid a war? What do you think the best path forward is to avoid bloodshed in the Middle East in a conflict with Iran?

ROGER WATERS: Talk, obviously. Reintroduce and re-ratify the nuclear agreement that Obama came to when he was still president of the United States. Encourage those groupings of governments who still believe that that was a good thing and a step in the right direction. Encourage the young people in Iran in their resistance to the official kind of dogma of the ruling clerics. I think that would be a good thing. I mean, we really… Whenever one talks about Iran, you sort of have to go back to 1953 when they had a progressive socialist government who wanted some of the profit that was coming from the oil.

DIMITRI LASCARIS: That was Mohammad Mosaddegh.

ROGER WATERS: Exactly. And he said, “Listen, can we have some of the profit?” And BP–it was I believe–it went, “Are you insane? No, of course you can’t. What are you talking about? It’s ours.” And he went, “Well, no, I’m nationalizing it.” So they had him removed and imposed the Shah. And however many years, ’53 to ’79… And 20-whatever-5 years later, there was a revolution and now we have this. I kind of slightly deplore any country that’s run by what I call “religious extremists.” And they’re not more extreme than evangelical Christians in this country. Rouhani, or whoever is now in charge, is no more extreme than Mike Pence. You can’t get any more extreme than that.

So there are two sides to this thing. But Iranians are ordinary human beings. And they are vilified by propaganda in the West, unfortunately. And it may be that, between them, the evangelicals here and Netanyahu and his crew may persuade somebody. You’d need to find somebody crazy to push the button and actually go to war with Iran, because it will not be in-out.

Note how Waters is accusing us of the exact thing Iran is trying to do to us – wipe us off the face of the planet. Of course, no matter what Iranian leaders say, he sympathizes with ordinary Iranians who are “ordinary human beings…vilified by propaganda in the West.” Funny how he does not afford Israelis the same level of sympathy, instead implying we are all genocidal maniacs.

It is also telling that he recognizes Iran as an ancient civilization but not Israelis/Jews. If it wasn’t already clear to you that he is a Jew hater, surely you must see it now.

There is very little doubt in my mind that Waters would love a world without Jews. Which is probably why he is so strong in his defense of the world’s worst sponsor of terrorism against us.

By the way, I very much doubt he nearly spat out his water. Water does not seem to be his drink of choice.

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