Palestinian Information Center’s Latest Delicious “Own Goal”


Yesterday, I posted how The Palestinian Information Center posted about an instance of palestinian cultural appropriation of Israeli snack Krembo. Not long after I published the post, the same Palestinian Information Center published an article titled Is Israel stealing Palestinian cuisine?

No prizes for guessing how they answer this question.

But that’s not the point of this post. It is this part of the article:

A big percentage of Israeli society consists of Arab Jews who migrated from Arab countries after the formation of the nascent state of Israel some 70 years ago. They brought with them “Arabic” authentic meals from countries such as Iraq, Morocco and Yemen.

The Palestinian Information Center and other anti-Israel and antisemitic propagandists are constantly disseminating the lie that Israel’s Jews are White European colonialists. The fact this article admits that a large percentage of us are in fact Middle Eastern is a huge “own goal.”

Incidentally, this article was written by Yousef Alhelou, described as “a former Reuters journalist fellow and a United Nations alumni.” Says it all really.

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