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Palestinian Information Center Utterly Humiliated

As regular readers are aware, anti-Israel propaganda site the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) is the gift that keeps on giving. And boy, did they give us a gift today!

Despicable Reactions to Murder of Teenage Israeli Girl

What is clear is the depravity of some palestinians like those behind the Palestinian Information Center, as well as supporters who find Ori's murder something to laugh about and rejoice over.

For The Haters, ‘Tis the Season to Co-opt Christmas

Because they stoop this low

Latest Libel: Avi Dichter’s Threat To Kill All Palestinians

The Palestinian Information Center has posted a seemingly genocidal quote by Avi Dichter, Chairman of Israel's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

Palestinian Information Center Finally Condemns Tire Burning

In the wake of the latest misguided "ceasefire agreement" between the terrorist factions in Gaza and Israel, the Palestinian Information Center have posted this unadulterated crap

Priceless! Palestinian Information Center Screws Up Badly

I am guessing they are not very expert at interpreting cartoons

Palestinian Information Center’s Timeline of Jerusalem Admits Their History Begins With Islamic Conquest

The Palestinian Information Center has posted this timeline of the history of Jerusalem. For some strange, inexplicable reason, it only begins in the year 638, despite Jerusalem being around for over 4,000 years.

Gaza: There Was Evening, And There Was Morning….And It Was Good

The Palestinian Information Center sure love posting lies and propaganda. But occasionally they do post the truth

Latest Palestinian Blood Libel: The Case of the Murdered “Attacker”

The lack of consistency is usually one sign the story is probably not true. But in this case, there is another reason to doubt it.

Libel About IDF “Assault” of Palestinian With Down Syndrome Just Got Even More Ridiculous

The Palestinian Information Center gets in on the act. Hilarity ensues.

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

Courtesy of the always entertaining Palestinian Information Center

The Palestinian Information Center’s Awkward Mistake

Where the Palestinian Information Center posts something false - but it is not deliberate this time

Latest Blood Libel: The Case of the Kidnapping “Settlers”

Yet another blood libel, easily disprovable by virtue of the fact the palestinians cannot keep track of their lies


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