Pallywood’s Most Explosive Contributions of the Decade

As the world greets the New Year 2020, Pallywood can proudly look back at a decade of disproportionate contributions to humanity. Here are Pallywood’s most explosive contributions that have rocked humanity from Ramallah to Berlin and from Gaza to Washington DC.

  1. Sidewalk Jihad Driving

In a world divided between right-hand and left-hand driving societies, Pallywood dares to be different. The Intifada-Up Nation proudly developed and exported a new driving technique to the world: sidewalk Jihad driving. After initially being tested in the Middle East, it has now been exported worldwide – from Berlin and London to Paris and New York. Pallywood’s driving ace Mahmoud Ringo Beastles: All you need is Jihad Love and some infidels.

  1. US Congress Intifada

Bagel Dumpling Sushi (BDS) activists Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have led the Congress intifada against decency and reality in America and the Middle East. By being endorsed by both white supremacist David Duke and black Islamist supremacist Louis Farrakhan, Ilhan Omar succeed in uniting the world of Ebony & Ivory Judeosceptic bigots.

  1. Pallywood – Looney Planet’s top terror destination

Pallywood won the prestigious Looney Planet’s top terror destination of the decade. While no flotillas are approaching Iranian or North Korean shores any time soon, Gaza has emerged as a paradise for floating anti-Zionist flotilla human-bribe activists.

  1. Pallywood’s innovative History Museum with no history

Do you sometimes feel that Zionist cowboys or white supremacist Martians appropriated your indigenous culture? Pallywood proudly opened its National History Museum with no history. The ancient Pallywood artifacts are currently being produced in an Asian child-factory, 100% ecological and anti-Zionist. Meanwhile, enjoy the current exhibition “Empty Occupied Spaces” narrated by the King of BDS Roger Wastewaters.

  1. A Day of Rage keeps the Hamas doctor away

In an era of couch potatoes binge-watching braindead TV programs, Pallywood’s reminded the world of the importance of fitness thorough its never ending Days of Rage. There are so many good reasons to rage – from US embassy move to Israel’s capital Jerusalem to Pallywood losing against Disneyland in the World Soccer Cup Fairytales.

  1. Hamas embraces John Lennon’s “Imagine” borderless world

In a “racist” world of Trump-led travel bans, Hamas’s “Great March of Return” Gaza border attacks sought to implement John Lennon’s borderless world envisioned in “Imagine.” Hamas’s Minister of Uncontrollable Border Rage Mahmud Al-Pogrom: “Next year in Al Quds but this year we are still surfing on the Gaza intifada beaches.”

  1. Mahmoud Abbas celebrates 15th anniversary of his four-year term

Are you one of those who stress through your life until your drop? PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas taught the world the importance of slowing down and living in the moment. So far, Abbas has been living in the moment for 15 years during his four-year term.

  1. Innovative Christmas Pallywood-style with no Christians

Don’t you sometimes think that it is time to dust off old fashioned traditions? Pallywood certainly thinks so and has introduced the world to “Christmas with no Christians.” Pallywood’s Inequality Minister Hamid Jihad-is-Fun: “To be fair, there are still some Christians left in Bethlehem but we constantly seek to implement our new Christian-free Christmas tradition in the town of the former Zionist settler Jesus-turned Pallywood Intifada fighter.


Daniel Krygier

Daniel Krygier is a writer, political analyst and satirist living in Israel.