Is it Just About Jerusalem? Is it Just About the Temple Mount?

Are the “territorial disputes” with palestinian Arabs just about Jerusalem? Are they just about the Temple Mount?

Well, judge for yourselves.

Why are they talking about conquering Rome? Was Rome under Arab control at any point? Did Rome at any point have a majority Arab Muslim population?

Of course it didn’t.

So why Rome out of all cities? What’s so special about Rome specifically? The Vatican is in Rome, but the Vatican doesn’t have any history related to Islam.

So why do they want it then?

If we go back into history, we can read about how after they captured Jerusalem during the Arab conquests and built Al-Aqsa, they set their sights on Constantinople, in which stood the Hagia Sofia church – the largest church on earth and a masterpiece of architecture when it was built. They were so impressed by it that its architecture became a template for how the Ottomans built their mosques later. Naturally they wanted it for themselves, so they captured it and turned into a mosque. Then they set their sights on Rome. The Ottomans did try to capture Italy, but they were never able to get so far as to capture Rome and the Vatican.

So what this video shows is how it is about taking over the historic sites that they see as important symbols to Jews and Christians, even if they don’t have any Islamic history.


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