WATCH: Jewish Student Rips Students for Justice in Palestine For Antisemitism


On February 12th, the Illinois Student Government (ISG) passed Resolution 03.61 “Violations of Human Rights in University Investments.” During the public comment portion, pro-Israel University of Illinois student Nina Raab spoke about her experiences as a Jewish student on campus and referenced a Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) poster she saw, which said “Fuck Nazis, Support Palestinians.”

Comparing us to Nazis is, of course, against the IHRA working definition of antisemitism.

Watch her speech, which is worthwhile listening to for the passion she brings, let alone the vile reaction of one of the audience members (presumably a SJP member) to her recounting being called a Nazi.

I have written extensively about SJP and how it is a main driver of Jew hatred (and terror support) on campus. This is yet another example of this.

Because almost always, “anti-Zionists” are antisemites.

A number of Jewish organizations have called on SJP and ISG to “release a statement condemning and disavowing this student and the comment that he made.” Asking SJP to condemn this is like asking an active cigarette smoker to condemn smoking.

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