Tablet Magazine’s Latest Disgrace

Tablet Magazine has published a piece by palestinian Arab intellectual Sari Nusseibeh – who has long argued against Israel as a Jewish state – which basically argues that Israel as a Jewish state is going to destroy itself, thanks to its designs to be an empire (hat tip: David D).

Here is an excerpt:

All things being equal (which they may turn out not to be), and on the assumption that Israel’s “growth pattern” into an empire is inbuilt in its constitution, the following may be a realistic assessment of what to expect will happen within this empire, ignoring for our purposes Palestinian and wider international pressures on this empire from without.

Palestinians will be the party paying the price for the Empire’s projected trajectory. Besides taking their major concerns off the table—Jerusalem, refugees, borders, natural resources, land—their proposed future in the Trump conception map, whether in a sandwiched and truncated “state” or not, will leave them deprived of those intangible human values they care most about: dignity, self-worth and respect, freedom, and independence.

It is not far-fetched, then, to foresee a deconstruction of this body-politic at least beginning to make itself felt within the next 30 years. As already said, the country’s borders will have been set. But they will have been set in such a way as to define a homeland for all as much as to mark a foreign territory. Within these borders, two intertwined peoples will already have begun to pave new political ways for themselves. The deconstruction of the empire will not be sudden, nor will one people eventually come out on top. Indeed, an altogether new citizen might be born, attached to the country as a homeland, and to a new version of political identity, perhaps configured constitutionally in any number of different ways, but which in the end reflects a just distribution of rights. Ceteris paribus, such would be the rise and fall of the Jewish empire.

And to cap things off, here is the photo with which Tablet chose to illustrate the piece:

To the uninitiated, this article may make it seem like Tablet went to sleep and woke up as Ha’aretz or the Forward. Tablet is, after all, the home of the likes of self-described “troller of Nazis” Yair Rosenberg.

But to those paying attention, this kind of article and photo has been on the cards for a while now.

Are they posting these things in an attempt to appeal to more “millenials”,? Or perhaps this is some ingenious ploy to rile people up so we pay their commenting charges (!)

Either way, shame on Tablet, which continues to descend into irrelevance with articles like these.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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