Saskia Whitfield’s Previous Client: Had We Known About Her Antisemitism, “We Would’ve Acted Accordingly”


Following yesterday’s post on anti-Zionist-not-antisemite Saskia Whitfield, readers heeded my call to spread the word about her “so no Jews or anyone with decency who detests antisemitism will ever employ her services.”

Some checked out her LinkedIn profile and saw that her current job was for a place called ProLabs.

Reader Michal contacted ProLabs and received the following response:


I would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I can confirm that Saskia Whitfield is no longer employed by our company and was only employed for a short period on a contract basis.

I hadn’t been made aware of Saskia’s social media content but had we been made aware of this during her employment we would’ve acted accordingly.

Kind Regards


Samantha Hackett
HR Manager

This is heartening and should encourage us to continue to fight back against those who think they can spread such vile hate online without repercussions.

And to those who think this is somehow curtailing free speech: I agree everyone should be entitled to free speech; but that includes those of us who want to fight back against antisemitism and hatred. Saskia et al are free to posting vile things – and I am free to amplify them so others can decide whether or not these antisemites are people with whom they want to do business.

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