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Haters Rally Around Jew-Hater Saskia Whitfield

An Israel hater by the name of Younes Arar has posted about his friend Saskia Whitfield - who I outed as an antisemite on this blog - and who has found the going tough since then as readers have contacted organizations she claimed were clients of hers

Jew-Hater Saskia Whitfield’s Day Just Got Worse

I've already outed her as an antisemite. Readers have contacted her purported past clients, and all those who have responded want nothing to do with her, and are asking her to remove their logos from her site. So how could things get worse for this detestable human being?

The Backlash Against Jew-Hater Saskia Whitfield Continues

Even more responses have trickled in from companies whose logos appeared on the business website of anti-Zionist-not-antisemite Saskia Whitfield

Organizations Continue to Dissociate Themselves from Jew-Hater Saskia Whitfield

Some more responses from companies whose logos appear on the business website of anti-Zionist-not-antisemite Saskia Whitfield

Another of Saskia Whitfield’s Previous Clients Repulsed by her Antisemitism

Another of her clients, Marie Curie, responds to my post exposing her antisemitism

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Saskia Whitfield (UK)

A graphic designer/artworker "with many years of experience working in leading agencies and design studios," Saskia came to my attention with a genocidal comment to a post about the number of coronavirus cases in Israel


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