Latest Libel: Israel Sent a Doctor with Coronavirus to Infect Palestinian Prisoners


Israel haters have alleged that Israel sent a doctor, diagnosed with coronavirus, to a prison to treat a sick palestinian, presumably to spread the coronavirus among inmates.

The story seems to have originated with a BDS organization in Chile, but has been spread by others, such as this Spanish BDS organization:

Others have disseminated the same story, accepting it as truth.

Not surprisingly, the story is a complete lie.

For a start, it simply makes no sense that a country like Israel, which is going to extraordinary lengths to contain the virus, would do something to spread it. Sending someone with coronavirus to an Israel prison would risk everyone there – not just the prisoners.

Then there’s the fact the photo purportedly of the doctor with the sick prisoner is nothing of the sort. What’s more, it is actually a photo of a prison guard who was stabbed by a palestinian prisoner!

I am sure it is no coincidence both photos have to do with a palestinian prisoner – whoever invented this lie knew exactly what they were doing.

Hat tip: Adam Milstein

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