Antisemite Ariyana Love Tries to Sic International Hacktivist Group Anonymous on to Me


It would seem that unhinged Jew-hater Ariyana Love has it in for me, publishing on Facebook within the last 24 hours three posts about me (as well as numerous comments to her own posts)

(Not-so) Dear Ariyana,

Let me be very clear (imagine me talking very slowly, since you seem to have a hard time with reading and comprehension).

  1. I never claimed you support “expulsion.” You liked a comment about “extermination.”
  2. I have not worked for SAP Labs Israel in almost a year. I am self-employed – in fact you see this blog? This is my full-time gig. Which means I have more time than ever to expose vile scum like you.
  3. Everything I have ever written about you is true. Please, please, please try suing me.
  4. I am not afraid of you or your fellow Jew-haters and your threats just encourage me to continue exposing the pernicious antisemitism of you and your loser ilk.
  5. I will CONTINUE exposing your antisemitism and have my readers report you to the Finnish authorities pursuant to hate crime legislation. I will also now report your calls to anonymous to somehow harm me.
  6. I am going to sue YOU for libel.
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