Puma’s Unfortunate Misstep


With the coronavirus wreaking havoc around the world, and countless numbers of people trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, Israel-haters like the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign have shown just how much they care…about continuing to demonstrate their unhinged hatred of the world’s only Jewish state.

Because, priorities.

The good news for them is that perhaps Puma is trying to curry favor with them.

The Internet has done it again. This time, social media made a pair of Puma sneakers go viral after likening its design to Adolf Hitler — the leader of Nazi Germany. “Puma Hilter shoes” became a trending search topic over the past few weeks because of the controversial comparison.

The sneaker under fire is the Puma Storm Adrenaline style. The $90 shoes were discounted to $45 and are currently sold out on the brand’s website. Twitter users said the men’s and women’s look resemble Hilter’s signature mustache and parted hair after seeing a top view of the design, which features black suede overlay detailing on the upper and tongue.

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