A Taste Of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: Al-Raed Luxury Apartments


Inspired by the Gaza mall photos, I have featured on this blog various facilities from Gaza, with the aim of providing readers with a glimpse into the real Gaza, which is anything but a concentration camp as some claim.

My point is not that there is no hardship in Gaza, but rather that the situation is a far cry from what is being presented by the palestinians, their supporters and the mainstream media.

Introducing the al-Raed 2 Residential Building on al-Galaa St in “Concentration Camp” Gaza.

And if you are in Gaza and missed out, not to worry! There is now an al-Raed 3 in the Nuseirat “refugee” camp, with luxury apartments of 125, 135, 145 and 155 sqm still available.

Funny how I have not seen any crowdfunding campaigns to help purchase any of these new “concentration camp barracks” for Gaza “inmates.”

Hat tip: Imshin 

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