Palestinians Boycott Social Media of Israeli Ministry Providing Humanitarian Aid to Them

Palestinians have launched an online campaign to boycott the social media accounts of the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT).

The campaign comes on the heels of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s May 19 decision to renounce all agreements and understandings with Israel and the US, including security cooperation.

The campaign, titled “You are either with me or with the Munasseq [Arabic for Coordinator],” specifically targets the popular Arabic accounts of the head of COGAT, Maj. Gen. Kamil Abu Rukun. As part of the campaign, Palestinians are being urged to unlike and stop following the accounts.

The Arabic Facebook page of COGAT has more than 600,000 likes, while its Arabic twitter account has more than 11,000 followers.

COGAT mainly uses the accounts to inform Palestinians about the unit’s various activities, particularly issuing permits for workers, patients and merchants to enter Israel. In the past three months, COGAT also used its social media accounts to provide Palestinians with information about the coronavirus pandemic.

COGAT’s activities include the promotion of humanitarian projects, the advancement of palestinian economy, and the development of infrastructure – basically things to improve the standard of living for palestinians. So boycotting their social media makes about as much sense as, say, vandalizing and setting ablaze the pipes that carry fuel and gas, as well as several facilities that provide humanitarian aid for the well-being of palestinians.

Oh wait, they’ve done that before too.

Palestinians: biting their noses to spite their faces since 1964.

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