Mohamed Hadid Removes Post Apologizing For Antisemitism And Calling for Peace & Coexistence


Yesterday I mentioned celebrity real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, in the context of his son being the boyfriend of singer Dua Lipa, who shared a vile, antisemitic post. In that post, I had linked back to a previous post of mine about Mohamed himself publishing an antisemitic post.

It turns out that Mohamed had himself recently published a post linking George Floyd’s murder with Israel

but took it down and then apologized in a new post – accompanied with a photo of an IDF soldier assisting an elderly Arab man – even admitting his previous post may have come across as antisemitic.

I actually intended to give Mohamed credit for this; I have, after all, called out his antisemitism before, so if he seemed contrite about it and posted a message calling for peace, then fair’s fair.

Alas, after a backlash from Israel-haters and antisemites (some examples below)

Mohamed removed the post.

Because apparently to Mohamed Hadid, popularity is more important than being a good, truthful person.

In a strange twist of irony, by giving in to the haters and removing his conciliatory message to Jews, Hadid has effectively shown why peace and coexistence is so far off.

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