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Bella Hadid Scores Propaganda Own Goal, Following in Father Mohamed’s Footsteps

Bella Hadid - supermodel, Israel-hater extraordinaire, and spawn of Mohamed Hadid - posted the following on her Instagram

Mohamed Hadid’s COVID Face Mask is a Sight to Behold

Celebrity real estate developer Mohamed Hadid , who has been known to get his antisemitism on, shared this photograph of himself with his palestinian COVID face mask on

Mohamed Hadid Removes Post Apologizing For Antisemitism And Calling for Peace & Coexistence

Because apparently to Mohamed Hadid, popularity is more important than being a good, truthful person.
dua lipa

Insanely Popular Singer Dua Lipa Shares Antisemitic Post

English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa shares a vile post to her 46.4 million followers

Celebrity Real Estate Developer Mohamed Hadid Bares His Antisemitic Fangs

While Hadid is no stranger to posting anti-Israel diatribes, his latest has gone well and truly into vile Jew hater territory.
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