Antisemite Iwona Palma (Iwona Szarkowicz) May Work As a Certified Nursing Assistant to the Elderly


In yesterday’s post on anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Iwona Palma (Iwona Szarkowicz), I surmised she may either be a policewoman for Daytona Beach Police Department or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), based on photos on her profile and LinkedIn profile of same name and location.

Reader Michal contacted Daytona Beach Police Department who responded:

Thank you for sharing your concerns on the posts from the below individual. This individual is not currently employed by the Daytona Beach Police Department and does not look like they have been for many years.

Which suggests she may have once been a policewoman.

Update: Not quite.

Michal also noticed this:

Besides the chutzpah of her posting about respecting each other, it may reveal where she works.

Highlands Manor Apartments is a retirement & assisted living facility. Putting two and two together, I would surmise Iwona is a CNA to the elderly.

Are there any Jewish seniors there, given these are National Church Residences? I simply don’t know. But if there are, I would hate the idea of her administering meds, for instance. Think Lara Kollab.

But there may be some African Americans there…and she is no fan of them either.

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