Madonna Turns on Israel


Remember how Madonna had her dancers accompany her during the Eurovision competition final in Israel, bearing Israeli and Palestinian flags, after reportedly being paid $1.3 million to come to Israel?

Many of us thought it was a bad case of biting the hand that feeds you.

If that’s the case, her recent Instagram stories are her chomping down hard on it.

What makes this even worse is 1. it comes at a time of rampant antisemitism, including by many prominent members of the Black community, none of which Madonna has seen fit to speak out against and 2. this entire palestine map removal claim is a lie.

So much for caring about antisemitism.

So much for identifying as an Israelite.

Madonna, I will never listen to your music again. Which is almost a relief given how badly you stunk up the place at Eurovision.

Update: She posted video of ‘Black Hitler’ Louis Farrkhan talking a few weeks ago – right as he was spreading more of his antisemitic filth.

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