Where the Israel-Haters Cannot Keep Track of their Own Lies


Remember the allegation that Israeli settlers sprayed toxins and killed 40 sheep in Jericho, which were to be sacrificed for Eid al-Adha?

Some of you noticed the animals in the photo looked like goats. And sure enough, now the 40 sheep have become 54 goats

Zionist settlers sprayed poison, earlier today, on about 54 goats owned by a Palestinian farmer in Oja Village in the Jordan Valley, said local sources.

Ahmad Hasan Zawahrah, owner of the goats, said that these goats were “his only source of income and everything he had.”

Also, in the first version, settlers sprayed toxins in the region, but in this new version, they sprayed poison directly on the animals.

And so hard do the haters find it to keep up with the lies, that even the same Facebook page has posted the two different versions.

You have to be sheep to believe their lies.

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