Code Pinker Ariel Gold Interviews and Compliments Vile Jew-Hater Manal Tamimi


Code Pinker Ariel Gold has interviewed “activist” Manal Tamimi, member of the infamous Tamimi clan, which counts unrepentant Sbarro terrorist Ahlam Tamimi (a favorite of Al Jizz) and Pallywood child star Ahed Tamimi (aka “Shirley Temper”) as their members.

You needn’t watch the entire thing; it is enough that you know that she gave her a platform, said he was honored to be speaking with her, and complimented her as a “Palestinian supermom.”

Did I mention that Manal Tamimi is a vile Jew-hater? Here’s a reminder:

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Ariel sure loves antisemites – as long as they are not those of the Right.

Update: She calls her a “bad-ass”


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