According to Zahra Billoo’s Own Logic, Her Friend Linda Sarsour is an Antisemite


Following Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden throwing Linda Sarsour under the bus (after she was let on the bus to begin with), many in the Muslim community have come to Sarsour’s defence while attacking Biden.

Some like CAIR

which is like the KKK condemning people for calling David Duke an antisemite, when you think about it.

One other such voice has been Zahra Billoo, Sarsour’s short-lived Women’s March replacement and fellow antisemite, who tweeted a rant against the Biden campaign, which included charges of Islamophobia.

Note part of her argument: you are Islamophobic for smearing Linda, since her views are the majority of the Muslim community.

Using this very same logic, she has just proved her buddy Linda to be an antisemite, given the majority of the Jewish community are Zionists.

You’re welcome.

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