Popular Cooking Show Host/Author Blanche Shaheen Cooks Up Some Antisemitism


Blanche Shaheen is a palestinian-American TV host/journalist turned food columnist and blogger, based in San Francisco. According to this site

She was the host of the PBS independent film/documentary show, Video I for ten years, an on-air correspondent on ABC, a tech reporter for G4 Television, a producer at CNN, and news anchor for Link Media’s program: Mosaic, World News of the Middle East. Blanche now focuses on her passion for preserving Middle Eastern recipes and culture through her YouTube show called “Feast in the Middle East.” Her goal has been to break down stereotypes of Arabs, humanize Palestinians, and inspire dialogue between the Middle East and the west. Her instructional cooking videos share heirloom recipes that her Palestinian family has passed down to her through the generations, as well as modern shortcuts for today’s busy cook. She is a food columnist for Silicon Valley newspapers and the national syndication called Arab America, a cooking instructor, and author of the cookbook, “Feast In The Middle East.” Her YouTube channel, BlancheTV, has over 40,000 subscribers, and her show has been featured on Virgin America Airlines in flight entertainment, NBC News, FOX, and BBC International.

Actually, her YouTube channel now has over 51,000 subscribers, so she is rather popular.

I say all of this by way of introduction to this tweet of hers, defending a guy called Adam Green of Know More News, who had his live video stream cut off by YouTube, presumably because it was antisemitic.

Defending Green is of itself highly problematic. The guy is an out-and-out Jew-hater, who dedicates video after video on his YouTube channel to spreading his brand of antisemitism. He even recently appeared on a video with fellow Jew-hater Angelo John Gage (in which they attacked me).

But Shaheen did not stop there; she indulged in some Jew-hatred of her own. Who do you think she is referring to when she writes of the “one community that can never be criticized, a community that has the power to push hate on others with impunity” and those who “are above the law and they know it”?

I am sure Adam Sandler would not approve.

and neither should any decent person.

If her goal is truly as she claims “to break down stereotypes of Arabs, humanize Palestinians, and inspire dialogue between the Middle East and the west”, she is doing it all wrong.

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