History Made With Israel-UAE Meeting of Ambassadors

Question: What must be worse news for an Israel-hater than ambassadors of Israel and the United Arab Emirates holding a meeting?

Answer: This

For the first time in history, ambassadors of Israel and the United Arab Emirates held a meeting in Arabic, the native language of both officials.

Israel’s ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek and the acting Emirati ambassador to Azerbaijan met on Tuesday in the capital city of Baku.

Deek, an Israeli Arab, told Al Arabiya English that holding the meeting with his Emirati counterpart in the Arabic language demonstrated “that we are neighbors.”

“The fact that we spoke in Arabic demonstrated that we are neighbors, part of the same space, and that Israel and the Arab world can, and will work together, in dialogue and mutual respect, towards promoting a world that is safer, more prosperous, and more peaceful,” said Deek.

He added that the bilateral meeting was important “as a symbol of the peace between our countries, as well as for laying the grounds for Israeli-Emirati cooperation in economic, humanitarian, and cultural projects in and together with third countries such as Azerbaijan.”


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