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Israel Again Wiped Off the Map in Another Martial Arts Tournament in Abu Dhabi

It has happened again, barely 5 months after they pulled the same stunt during the judo Grand Slam event

WhatsApp Founder Jan Koum’s Awesome Reaction to UAE Judo Anti-Israel Shenanigans

The WhatsApp founder stands up for Israel

Not the Onion: Israeli Judo Federation Thanks UAE Counterparts for Their Hospitality

Israel has to stop showing weakness - and I am not just talking about in the world of Judo.

Disgraceful Scenes As Israeli Judokas Win Medals With No Mention or Hint of Israel

So much for the IJF's demand being taken seriously

United Arab Emirates’ Latest Disgraceful Act of Bigotry

Once again, an Arab state is showing what bad sports they are.

Terrorist Organisations: The UAE Knows Them When They See Them

That’s a mighty long list, but why are all the terrorists on it Islamic?
Hillary Clinton Binyamin Netanyahu

The Day In Israel: Tues Sept 14th, 2010

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is playing into the idea that the so-called "settlements" are the obstacle to peace.

Happy, Shiny People

Despite everything going on in this part of the world, Israel has made the top ten of the World's Happiest Countries list. And the palestinian-controlled territories are not doing as badly as you might think.

A Fatwa Against Horny Behavior

Now that I've got your attention..
stuffed turkey erdogan

The Day In Israel: Wednesday July 7th, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama have made nice.
antisemitic Arab cartoon

Antisemitic Cartoon of the Day

It's amazing how the Arabs go out of their way to use antisemitic stereotypes. This one is from Amer Al Zohbi of the Albayan Newspaper...


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