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Richard Silverstein Attacks Fellow Israel-Hater James Zogby For Running Poll That Gave Results He...

Israel Hayom reports on a new poll published in the UAE showing growing support for establishing ties with Israel in some Arab countries

History Made With Israel-UAE Meeting of Ambassadors

What must be worse news for an Israel-hater than ambassadors of Israel and the United Arab Emirates holding a meeting?

Mahmoud Abbas Tries to Incite Palestinians Living in Gulf Countries Against their Host Governments

This is not being reported but a few days ago, Mahmoud Abbas threatened Gulf countries that are pro-normalization with Israel

WATCH: Dubai’s Former Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Rips Enemies of Israel

Dubai’s former police chief Dhahi Khalfan continues to provide plenty of entertainment - for the right reasons.

Peak Palestinian Reaction to UAE’s Decision to Normalize Ties With Israel

As tweeted by the official Twitter account for the office of the Prime Minister of the (non-existent) State of Palestine

WATCH: A Jew and a Muslim Discuss the Israel-UAE Peace Deal

After news came out about the Israel-UAE peace deal, my immediate thought was "I have to speak to my UAE-based friend Thani to get his take." So I did.

Leftists Denounce Peace Deal Between Israel and the UAE

You'd think those on the Left would welcome a peace treaty, right?

Israel Again Wiped Off the Map in Another Martial Arts Tournament in Abu Dhabi

It has happened again, barely 5 months after they pulled the same stunt during the judo Grand Slam event

WhatsApp Founder Jan Koum’s Awesome Reaction to UAE Judo Anti-Israel Shenanigans

The WhatsApp founder stands up for Israel

Not the Onion: Israeli Judo Federation Thanks UAE Counterparts for Their Hospitality

Israel has to stop showing weakness - and I am not just talking about in the world of Judo.

Disgraceful Scenes As Israeli Judokas Win Medals With No Mention or Hint of Israel

So much for the IJF's demand being taken seriously


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