Overwhelming Majority of Respondents to Arab News Poll: Gal Gadot Suitable for Role of Cleopatra


Oh, hi Sameera.

An overwhelming majority of respondents to an Arab News Twitter poll said they believed the Israeli actress, Gal Godot, was suitable for the role of Cleopatra in the upcoming new film of the same name by director Patty Jenkins.

Announced earlier this week, the decision was initially met with some level of disdain, with people saying the decision to cast the Wonder Woman actress as the legendary Egyptian queen was “just another stroke in the long history of white-washing.”

But 60.9 percent of respondents to the Arab News poll, asking readers if they felt her casting for the role was appropriate said it was – a further 12 percent said they would decide once the movie was finished, while 27.1 percent said she was not.

Almost as good as these poll results is the title to the Arab News report announcing them.

Not so shocking.

Time to wake up to the new Middle East.

Hat tip: Herb

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